Roll-Top Cover from Pace Edwards

Roll-Top Cover from Pace Edwards

Rectractable Tonneau Cover
Make your bed with the most popular and economical retractable hard roll up tonneau cover on the market, the Roll Top Cover™. With over 100,000 on the road we know that you will be satisfied with the convenience, security, durability, and style that the Roll Top Cover™ offers.

Pace Edwards Roll Top Cover™ glides easily along mounted side rails and locks securely at the tailgate of your truck. When unlocked the Roll Top Cover™ retracts automatically giving you full use of your truck bed. The Roll Top Cover™ endures sun and cold and protects the contents of your truck bed from theft and weather.

Pace Edwards… We’ve Got You Covered!

  • A UV and Weather resistant padded polymer cover, laminated to heavy gauge aluminum panels.
  • Three locking positions on long bed trucks.
  • Two locking positions on short bed trucks.
  • Panel assembly retracts automatically.
  • Increases fuel economy.
  • All fasteners are hidden.
  • OEM matt black finish.
  • Flush mounted design.
  • Quick installation.
  • UPS shippable.

The Roll-Top is fabricated from one solid piece of specially blended padded polymer, laminated to ridged, heavy gauge aluminum panels. The polymer blend is designed to endure both sun and cold year after year without stretching, shrinking, tearing or cracking, and with 10 years of field testing, we know we’ll keep you covered.

It’s slick! The aluminum extruded side rails, with the specially designed wear strip and sweep seal, allows the Roll-Top to retract automatically, or be closed easily and quietly from either side of the truck using only one hand. Unlike caps that block your vision, the Roll-Top keeps your rear view clear and travels quietly down the road while increasing your gas mileage by approx. 10%.

The padded polymer has the look and feel of real leather and all the fastenings are hidden to give you that smooth, flush mounted look. And, if style is what you’re looking for, Pace-Edwards’ Roll-Top-Cover has been featured on many award winning show trucks.

If it’s protection from weather or theft that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! Our cover will not freeze up, nor will it collapse under snow. Water is channeled to the canister and out the drain tubes to protect your truck bed from the weather. Also, the Roll-Top locks into the side rails at the tailgate. If your truck is not already equipped with a locking tailgate, Pace-Edwards offers one of two styles of tailgate locks to fully secure your truck bed without blocking the loading zone of the tailgate.