Browning Special Edition from Leer

Browning Special Edition from Leer

The Leer Special Edition Browning Cap
Leer, the premiere name in truck caps, and Browning, the premiere name in hunting and outdoor gear, have teamed up to provide the ultimate truck cap for the outdoorsman.

Leave it to LEER and Browning to create a special edition truck cap with features every hunter wants!

Browning Special Edition Standard Features:

  • Browning/Leer graphics
  • a lock box for guns, fishing rods, and other valuables
  • A folding clothes hanger
  • Dual dome lights (12V and battery)
  • Interior headliner
  • Yakima Rail Rider roof rack
  • Browning Signature Gear bag
  • 14mm Rechargeable Ballistic LiteTM
  • A handsome Browning/Leer fleece vest

The Browning Special Edition can be built into most factory-ordered LEER truck caps.
Ask us for details.

The Browning Special Edition comes complete with Browning/LEER graphics, a ceiling-mounted lockable storage box for guns and other valuables, a fold-down clothes hanger, interior headliner, Yakima Rail-Rider roof rack, Browning Signature gear bag, 14mm rechargeable ballistic flashlight, and a handsome Browning/LEER fleece vest. No truck cap is better prepared for the hunt!

Whether you’re hunting, fishing, camping, or just exploring the great outdoors, your valuable gear deserves the security and protection of a Browning Special Edition from LEER. It’s a field-friendly, lockable, all-weather cargo and storage solution that fits all your active, outdoor activities.